Many wealthy homeowners add a party room game idea to their homes as a way to entertain friends and family. These rooms can include Oscar-worthy home theaters, glitzy ballrooms and great rooms that open into pools or gorgeous bay views.

Ensure that your facility can accommodate large crowds of people at one time, by designing the floor plan with a clear flow and minimizing bottlenecks. Also consider how people get to their rooms and exit the room once the session is complete.


Table linens do more than protect tables and soak up spills, they establish guest expectations and support your event theme and décor. For a formal event, premium satin or taffeta tablecloths are a great choice, while for a casual backyard summer party, striped or gingham table linens are fun and festive.

Tablecloths can also change how your table looks by influencing the visual weight of the room or venue. Large spaces should be adorned with table covers that fall at least 12 inches or extend to the floor, while small rooms can benefit from lightness and airiness exhibited by linens with well-spaced patterns. For a more elegant feel, consider tablecloths made of silk. These linens are usually more expensive than those of cotton or polyester, but they are worth the extra cost for an event that will be remembered.


Balloons can be used in a variety of ways to create the perfect party. They are often the main decoration at birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, and other special events. They are also great for bringing attention to a specific area of a room or in a retail space.

If you are looking for a unique way to make your party decorations pop, consider creating a balloon arch. This is a stunning way to decorate any room and will impress your guests. You can make it yourself or have your kids help out.

Another great balloon idea is to paint balloons to look like giant lollipops. These are a fun way to decorate your party and will look amazing as table centerpieces. They are also a great gift for kids to take home with them.

String lights

You might associate string lights with Christmas or dorm rooms, but these versatile decorations are also great for party decor. They come in a variety of lighting hues, from soft off-yellow to classic holiday reds and greens. They’re also available in a range of bulb types and shapes.

Drape strands of lights on the ceiling to create a lighted backdrop for your party food or candy buffet tables. They’re a stylish way to show guests where all the goodies are located, and they’re easy to set up.

Some string light options allow you to customize your party ambiance through an app. For instance, Govee string lights let you choose between thousands of colors or even match them to your music playlist.

Photos or artwork

Having a home party room game idea is great for anyone who loves to entertain. Whether you build a separate space or remodel your existing home, there are many things to consider when planning the layout and décor of the room. For example, the ceiling height needs to be high enough to avoid a claustrophobic feeling for guests. Cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings are best for this purpose.

To add a personal touch, use photos or artwork to decorate the walls of your party room. You can also hang pictures based on the theme of the event, such as photos of family members for an anniversary or baby pictures for a birthday party. You don’t need to ruin your walls, either – simply run a piece of string across the wall and clip the photos on it.

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