Table lamp provide a soft, localized light ideal for many different room types. For example, glass and ceramic table lamps look decorative and work well in hallways or living rooms.

Place a pair of these lights by the bed on matching nightstands to create symmetry in your bedroom, or add one to a console or end table to brighten a dark corner of your home office.


Often when people think of table lamps they envision a base, stem, shade and bulb. But they can be much more than that. They can serve as decor accents with their designs and styles or become the focal point of a room.

They can add a pop of color or texture to a sideboard, console or entryway table and work well when paired with other lighting fixtures like flush mounts and wall sconces in the same finish. Pairing two table lamps on either side of a sofa or end table creates symmetry and balance for a layered look.

Many modern tiffany table lamps take the style and design of traditional tiffany lamps and combine it with geometric shapes and more modern colors to make them stand out as unique pieces. They also incorporate a wide variety of ceramic shapes, colors and textures to create their own unique aesthetics.


Table lamps add a decorative flair to your space as well as additional light. Since they’re designed to sit at about eye level when you’re sitting next to it, their shape and design allow for a lot of visual style in the room.

They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can even find one with a color pop that will stand out against your wall. Choosing the right lamp for your space also requires considering how it fits in with the other layers of lighting in your home. That could be recessed lights that set the overall mood or accent lighting that highlights certain architectural features or artwork.

Many table lamps use a shade that’s specific to the design style of the base. For example, craftsman or mission style lamps have a pyramid-shaped shade over top of a column shaped base. You can find other styles of shades, including rectangular and square.

Light Source

Table lamps are the perfect solution for highlighting your favorite home decor pieces or simply serving as a decorative accent. From unique bases like seahorse, coral, lantern and buoy shapes to materials like natural agate and quartz stone, bamboo and wicker to agate and pearl mosaic, there are plenty of options for defining your style.

The base and shade material you choose for your table lamp will impact its appearance. Metal tables lamps offer a sleek and modern look, while wood and ceramic bases provide a classic, elegant touch to any room. Glass and transparent shades can also add a stylish flair to any space, while allowing the light to spread more widely throughout your space.

Finally, the type and wattage of your lamp’s bulb will determine how brightly it will illuminate your space. Daylight bulbs work well for living spaces, while warm bulbs are ideal for bedrooms and reading nooks. The right bulb will serve as the finishing touch to your table lamp and enhance its functionality, ensuring your room is perfectly lit for any occasion.


Whether you’re going from home office to bedside reading or from your private terrace to your favourite chair, table lamp offer a sense of flexibility and mobility to your space. Choose from an array of designs that can be used plugged in or run on rechargeable batteries to suit your needs.

Choose a lamp base that compliments your existing decor. Then, pair it with a shade that will elevate the look of your room. For example, a metal base can complement a mid-century modern, industrial or rustic design while natural elements like wood and wicker can blend into a traditional or contemporary living space.

The Obello portable lamp, designed by Bill Curry for Gubi*, features a mouth-blown frosted glass shade to illuminate tabletops with an ambient glow. Its iconic silhouette also adds a sense of intrigue to any space. Use it as the centerpiece on your dining room table or to create a cozy ambiance on your terrace.

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